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Nov 16, 2012 4:00am PST
cia director david pedtreau will testify before the house. the testimony is regarding the 911 attack in benghazi. it killed ambassador chris stevens. cia officials say they constantly review performance and are not looking for any particular outcome from this investigation. the cia inspector general office will be that investigation the trays will go before the congressional committee-- petreaus. >> we're watching the lettuce with gas prices. $3.92 is the average price. oakland is cheaper. $3.80. in san jose rather gas going for an average of $3.76. all in all continue to fall. the state averages about $3.81. this morning with a quick break the time is 4:07. we have a live look from the bay bridge approach 80 the not look nearly as well as the golden gate bridge did. will have more coming up for you did a little bit. we are back 4:09 is the time. plans for unemployment benefits jumped a little bit. taking a look at futures of-the dow off 46 points in early trading. yesterday the dow lost 28. adjutancy. ending the day at 12,00542. stopped falling since president obama won election and
Nov 12, 2012 6:00am PST
is certain departure from the cia. they are also trying to determine what happens next. paul brown well is a married mother of two and they say that the cia was investigator for sending harassing letters to a woman who is close to patras. they said they should not about the probe now and she plans to investigate the fbi. >> this is something that could have had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> a spokesperson for the house majority leader erich kantor says that kantor talked to the fbi last month about the generals a fair. >> more than 100,000 people in the year in new jersey are still waking up up without power this morning. more than two weeks after super storm san be ripped through the east coast. they aren't coping with freezing temperatures of their way for the power to come back on. more than 8 million people lost power when sandy first struck followed by the northeastern that they got after that. >> the victims of the nor'easter and 70 are now getting a helping hand from those who were in hurricane katrina. they travel all laid to s.i. and
Nov 14, 2012 6:00am PST
former cia agent. the president is expected to make an announcement today. it will take a live look at the golden gate bridge the traffic looks good and we will get more information from erica. >>it is not too bad of a morning you should dress in layers. the temperatures are in the '40's and '50's. into the afternoon will continue with this. it will definitely be a day to bring out your shorts. it will not last for long. for those new gorgeously your house right now it looks like a vallejo has dropped to 38 degrees. other been that we are contending with '50s for downtown san francisco. i will look at where these temperatures are expected to go and the rain straight ahead. >>we're still looking at pretty good ride for your commute. there are no high spots that will delay your trip. the metering lights have not yet been activated. on interstate 580 we're still looking at very light conditions for south bay peninsula. >>it is 6:01 a.m.. >>the store that we are following is out a daily city. there was a big flood with mud and that went through the area. >>aroun one people in this neigh
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am PST
talk with them to see if they feel better. >>general david petrie yes was the director of the cia and last week this scandal on rebels. today he is scheduled to face a grilling on a controversial work topic. if this happened under his watch. they stated that this is due to the september 11th attack. he will testify first to the senate's intelligence committee. he will testify and he almost immediately knew that the attack on the consulate in libya was the work of malicious. both of the sections are closed doors. the >>president obama will start discussions on the fiscal cliff. they will huddle with the president to see whether or not they can make some progress towards a deal on taxes and spending. >>note more hostess. hostess is going out of business. they are closing their stores and laying off all of their workers. they stated that a nationwide workers' strike ended up crippling their ability to make product and deliver them. the warm their employees if they did not stop then this would happen. hostess is born out of business. >>is six 07 a.m.. here is a quick check at the weather
Nov 19, 2012 4:00am PST
devastated by the fallout of recent news. broadwell extramarital affair with cia chief david the trades led to his explanation. the person close to broad well says she deeply regrets the damage that's been done to her family and everyone else's and she's trying to repair that and move 4. rockwell is still being investigated by the fbi over classified documents found on her laptop and in our home. investigators believe the author gather the documents while researching a biography of the tray petreau s. >> military medical leaders have been searching for answers with the defense secretary describes as the epidemic. but i >> the pipeline is said to be bad for america and the environment. last january president obama the temporary block the pipeline with concerns on how will affect them buy it. it would bisected honest that supporters of the pipeline say it would create jat jobs. >> vice-president joe biden to in the area of the coastline. he viewed the battered cease-fire by helicopter and met with first responders who lost their homes. biden's visit follows to this is the area by p
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am PST
crossover between personal life that he was having with paula. and his director as the cia. >> he resigned and his affair came to light of jealousy mills 5% by a broad well saying " stay away from my man the " which sparked the controversy. now, to the physical clef. president obama will meet with labor leaders who want lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy and prevent cuts to help the benefits for seniors. all in an effort to put pressure on congress to cut the federal debt. he is seeing a series of meetings in a pushing congress to avert the " so- called " fiscal cliff " and find a consensus on a plan to prevent more financial hardships. labor unions want you ifull, to stand firm >> the race for san francisco's district 7 supervisor's seat remains historically close this morning. the new board of education president norman yee holds a 33 vote lead over f x crowley. there are only 89 votes counted yesterday and 1400 remain outside in the race. but apart from the elections say it may be the first week of december before it determined who will win. we will be back. good morning!
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6